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Songs of Tomorrow EP

Over the last year I've been developing an EP with original music! It's generously supported by Help Musicians, and the first single "Fury" is out on 20th October. (Streaming Link)

Songs of Tomorrow.jpg

What will music sound like in the future? That was one of the main questions that started the journey of this EP a little over a year ago. To answer that question I started with defining the future, and addressing some deep fears for where we at times seem to be headed. 

I created for myself a dystopian world where technology has largely broken down. A Max Max without cars, or Blade Runner without all the fancy tech. 

In this world humans have divided into local tribes to sustain each other - I’m imagining a group of people coming together to play music for healing, telling stories, and for entertainment. The instruments that has survived - a string quartet, a set of timpani, small drum machines, percussion, synths, human voice, a flute and primitive sample players.


Fury - (Streaming Link)

The first single to be released is called "Fury". At the beginning of this process I was researching future projections for the world. What is a realistic future? You'll find a lot of depressing articles, and really angering reading if you consider the current state of our nature and how slowly we are changing to more sustainable ways of living.. I was left feeling hopeless, and furious for not being able to affect it in any direct way. I’m channelling this feeling here.

Ekko new .jpeg

Ekko - (Streaming Link)

This one is based on the story of Echo and Narcissus. I’ve always felt for Echo in this story. Although there is tragedy - If we imagine this from Echo’s perspective there is also beauty, play and the freshness of love.

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